Natasha Cullen

Natasha teaches the prenatal course.

I founded Beloved Bumps in 2012 when I realised that women were coming to hospital without being fully informed of all their options, or being prepared for situations that may arise. Many classes were being taught by Antenatal teachers, rather than midwives who have first hand experience in working with women in labour, delivering babies, and looking after both mother and child. After gaining my BSc in Midwifery, I went on to work in top London hospitals, caring for women in both high and low risk pregnancies. I am an experienced and passionate midwife, and I love all aspects of the job!

My aim is to give women the full information about what could happen during labour, birth, and the early days at home, but in a way that empowers them with that knowledge, instead of frightening them.

I set up Beloved Bumps as in Singapore I struggled to find a class that has an emphasis on making and keeping friends who you have done the prenatal class with. Beloved Bumps will help pregnant women in Singapore build a really tight-knit support network with couples who have babies of a similar age. Many women in Singapore don’t have their families in the same country, so it is really important to be able to talk to someone who understands what you are going through, and tell you that they are going through the same thing! A mother of two, this is something that was invaluable to me – my friends who I message at 4am asking if anyone else is up know who they are!

I hope that Beloved Bumps will enable you to become more informed about labour, birth, and parenthood whilst having fun, getting involved, and most importantly, making friends for life.

Anna Kwan

Anna teaches the pre and postnatal exercise class.

Anna is both highly qualified and has an abundance of experience in helping
new mums regain a strong and healthy body postpartum.

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Human Biology, Anna holds the
gold standard in Personal Training qualifications with the American College of
Sports Medicine (ACSM), a diploma in Obesity Management & Diabetes
Prevention and is UK certified in Pre and Postnatal Exercise prescription.

Anna has worked with clients both in London and Singapore for over 15 years.
Before relocating to Singapore, Anna ran a successful weight management
company for over a decade catering for new mums and busy executives in the
city of London. In Singapore, Anna has spent the past two years as a Pre and
Postnatal Exercise Specialist helping new and expectant mums across the island
exercise safely and effectively.

Anna has expert knowledge in Postnatal Diastasis Recti Management and
through group sessions and one on one tuition, she hopes to continue educating
new mums to the importance of core strengthening and lumbopelvic stability
both during pregnancy and postpartum.