The Bump to Baby package is our deluxe, all-inclusive service.

It is perfect if you have just moved to Singapore and you want a guiding hand throughout the process, or you want a bit more TLC and to know that one person is there for you throughout your pregnancy and once you have gone home.

Having midwifery knowledge enables Natasha to explain everything to you, at whatever time of day, instead of saving questions for your next appointment!

The package includes:

  • Attendance at 2 antenatal appointments
  • Attendance at 2 scans (generally your 20 week scan and 36 week scan)
  • Prenatal course with Beloved Bumps
  • Postnatal visit when baby is born, at your home or in the hospital, for support with feeding and caring for your baby
  • 24/7 access to Beloved Bumps team

If this package is of interest to you, please email