Beloved Bumps was originally set up in Blackheath, London, to provide women with pregnancy, birth, labour and postnatal information taught by a midwife as opposed to an antenatal teacher.

After seeing the demand, and the growing popularity of antenatal education, Beloved Bumps is now launching an online antenatal course in Summer 2017. This will make antenatal education available anywhere in the world, at any time, in any place, and at an affordable price compared to group classes.

Online antenatal courses will be more accessible for women with already busy lifestyles, for those that don’t have access to antenatal courses, for those that are living abroad but want to be educated by the UK healthcare, for those that aren’t comfortable in group settings, or for those that just want additional information to what they are already learning.

Beloved Bumps Online Course is taught by a qualified midwife, to prepare mums-to-be not only for the birth but also for life immediately after the birth – both the antenatal and postnatal periods.

Many women are naturally unprepared for the many different situations that arise in labour, or seem to have had many classes on labour itself but don’t know what to do once the baby is born. As a qualified midwife, Natasha has experienced many births and different scenarios, and aims to pass on this information and advice to you to help you through your labour and afterwards.