Fun – We have reinvented antenatal classes as you know them – classes are interactive, laid back and informal, and we even have beers for the expectant dads and a ‘ladies that lunch’ session.

Sociable – Make friends for life and build a support network with couples that have babies of a similar age. You will all be invited to a Whatsapp group so you can all discuss whatever you want during the 4am feed…. Classes are grouped around due dates, and you will have multiple classes together, as well as a postnatal reunion and fitness session!

Pre and Postnatal Fitness class – We think it is really important to be ‘labour ready’, and also to help restore your abdominal muslces, and pelvic floor post delivery. So the Fitness class is included in the course price!

Informative – Classes are taught by an experienced midwife and are based on the most recent research and up-to-date information, to help you make informed decisions during your labour and birth.

24/7 Access – Email or WhatsApp us your questions, however small or silly it may seem, and get an answer from the relevant member of the team!