Prenatal Class

This class is every week for 3 weeks, and is 2.5 hours long. The course covers:

  • Normal Labour and Birth
  • Pain relief
  • Complications (Induction of labour, Caesarean section etc)
  • Postnatal period/ Caring for your baby

Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding class

Breastfeeding class is taught by a Lactation Consultant but we also teach you how to bottle feed correctly and safely. The class is unbiased and non judgemental!

Pre and Postnatal Exercise Class

The prenatal class will focus on exercises to help strengthen the body, assisting in a quicker and easier labor and techniques to ease aches and pains caused by muscular imbalances experienced during pregnancy.

The postnatal class focuses on exercises to help restore core strength and function, reducing Diastasis Recti of the abdominals and helping flatten the mummy tummy!

Central Location

Our location is central so that it is easily accessible to those working, as well as those living in the central parts of Singapore!

'Ladies that Lunch'

A delicious, nutritious lunch with your antenatal group at the fantastic restaurant Blu Kouzina!

'Boys and beers'

We know the way to a man’s heart…a beer is provided for the expectant dads at the classes to keep them happy!

Postnatal reunion

A pre- baby arranged date for you all to meet up and introduce your babies when they have all been born!

Access to the Beloved Bumps team

24/7 contact with the team via WhatsApp or email.

 The prenatal course itself is taught by an experienced UK registered midwife, and consists of 3 classes lasting 2.5 hours. This covers labour, birth and the postnatal period.

There will be a further class covering feeding – this is an unbiased class that teaches both breast and bottle feeding.