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Antenatal / Prenatal Classes

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Our prenatal/antenatal classes are now offered across three different locations across the island. So wherever you are located, getting here will be a breeze!

River Valley (BBHQ)

Bukit Batok

educate Prenatal & Postnatal Support

Our Difference

We think women and men in Singapore deserve better prenatal and postnatal classes to help them on their exciting new journey. Founded in London in 2012, Beloved Bumps provides couples a variety of informative and fun courses to help you during pregnancy as well as after birth.

Motherhood is tough enough! We share the latest pre & postnatal info without any judgement on your birth plan or newborn care.

Different people need different things. That’s why we offer Antenatal class packages as well as a variety of postnatal courses.

Once you've had your baby, it's inevitable that you'll have questions! Get answers and support from our team directly via WhatsApp.

Every couple should walk away feeling like they have all the information they need. If you don't, we’ll work to make it right!

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