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Baby Sign

Baby Sign Class

Master 24+ baby signs
Socialise with other parents

Get insight into your baby's world and increase bonding!

The Baby Signs Programme is a four-week course in a playgroup format. It is a research-based program designed to help infants and toddlers communicate emotions, desires and objects before they can talk.


As you can imagine, helping your child communicate before they develop language can greatly reduced frustration, tears and tantrums. Baby sign has also been shown to increase parent-child bond and communication and improved self-esteem for both the parent and child.


During the class, we learn through songs and games but most importantly, we have fun! We also use a large bear called Beebo to help engage the babies. Throughout the course, you will learn about your baby’s language development, the what, how and why of baby sign language and you will master a minimum of 24 useful signs.

Classes are held on Fridays from 3 – 4 pm:

  • Baby Sign

  • $200
    • 4 Weeks of Teaching
    • Master 90+ useful signs
    • Hands-on Learning
    • Playgroup Format with Songs & Book Time
    • Reference Sheets Provided


How long is the class?

The class is usually about an hour – 45 minutes of content then Q&A at the end.

What will be covered in the classes?

Each class has a specific theme and 6 signs to go along with that theme. We do one theme per week, which allows parents to then go home and practice those sign before introducing new ones. Taking this approach allows you to build on your sign-vocabulary throughout the course.

What does the class comprise of?
The class structure is similar to that of a playgroup format. We do activities like songs, welcome circle time, flashcards, a few play activities, then question and answer time before singing the goodbye song.
What age should my baby be to attend the class?

Babies as young as 4 months will already be picking up the rise and fall of intonations and hand gestures. While your baby might not sign right away, it is important to establish and ingrain the notion of language and communication in your baby’s mind. Most babies start signing more confidently at 8-10 months of age but some could start signing one or two words at 6 months; it entirely depends on the baby.

What age should my baby be to attend the class?

The best way is through practice, practice, practice. We highly recommend you choose whichever signs that work for your family and use them whenever you say the word. For example, learning the word ‘cereal’ is great, but if your family doesn’t eat cereal, then it’s ok to ignore that and use another sign instead.

Will teaching signs delay my child's speech abilities?
Teaching Baby Signs to your child will not delay your child’s speech abilities. The founders of Baby Signs, Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwyn conducted research, in conjunction with the University of California, that suggest hearing babies learning baby signs actually helps in the development of both language and cognitive skills.
Links to their research can be seen here:
How does this programme work with a bilingual household?

Signs are a great way for a baby to understand multiple languages. If the action is repeated for the same word in both languages, the baby will learn that the action means the same item/response in one language and the other. The key is repetition and consistency.

Why are the babies taught baby signs based off American Sign Language?

The programme was developed in the US and hence the signs are adapted from American Sign Language (ASL). As the signs in ASL can be quite complex for babies and parents to learn, the founders adapted the signs into a simpler form that are much easier to pick up.

What is the oldest age a baby can attend?

Even at the age of 2, sign can still be beneficial in helping communication between a parent and child.  While most 2yr olds are said to have a vocabulary of 50-100 words, their pronunciation may still be developing.

Venue:  46 Kim Yam Road, #03-05 The Herencia  |  Class Time: 3 – 4pm

No classes scheduled yet. Please check back later, or contact us for more details.

 Venue: Beloved Bumps HQ, 46 Kim Yam Road, #03-05
Class Time: 3-4pm

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