Baby Sleep Consultant

Topics can vary depending on the needs of the family:

Discussing and reflecting on the journey
Support for partners
Foreign domestic worker support/supervision
Feeding (breastfeeding or formula)
Newborn care support
Whole family wellness
Accessing a GP/paediatrician
Thinking about immunisations
Managing visitors
Nutrition for mums
Leaving the house (carriers/bag/prams)
Pelvic floor advice
Baby sleep/settling/crying
Parenting styles
Relationships and sex
Travelling with baby
Going back to work
Child development goals
Weight checks/percentile plotting
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Sleep Consultant

Baby Sleep Consultant

$150 - $425
Certified Sleep Consultant
UK & AU Registered Nurse
Happiness Guaranteed

Take the guesswork out of sleep!

Is my baby sleeping too much? Not enough? Should I feed to sleep? How can I stop bouncing before my back blows out?! When it comes to sleep, we’ve heard it all. That’s because most babies aren’t great sleepers, and how well they sleep usually depends on your actions as new parents. 


Research has shown that babies who are put on schedules and have clear routines sleep better and are more settled. Babies thrive on predictability and knowing what to expect from their day – putting strong routines in place gives them cues and signals for what is coming next, making them feel safe and secure. But we know that every baby is different and it can take time to figure out exactly what works for your family. To make matters more complicated, there’s a plethora of sleep training books that only provide sleep averages as well as rigid schedules that aren’t designed for the flexibility that most of us need as mums.


Our certified sleep consultant is a UK registered nurse, postnatal doula and mother of two young kids. After having her first child, she quickly realised how important it was to understand the science behind sleep and decided to get additional training to help other families that were also struggling. With a personal understanding and a passion for empowering parents, Annika firmly believes in sleeping techniques that have been proven to work. She also recognises the importance of adapting those techniques so parents feel comfortable during the process. In addition to giving you a strong foundation, she also provides different tools that you can use throughout your sleep journey. And if you ever get offtrack, she will will always be there to help you get back to a full night’s sleep.

Step 1: Talk to Annika @ 8344 0252 before you book! 

Step 2: Choose a single visit or package:

  • Single Visit

  • $150 Recommended: 3-4 mnths old
    • Happiness Guaranteed
    • 1.5 Hour Consultation
    • Topics Covered: sleep habits, age appropriate sleep times and techniques for settling, sleep environment and other factors which may affect baby’s sleep.
  • Sleep Package

  • $425 Recommended: Up to 18 months
    • Happiness Guaranteed
    • Personalised Sleep Plan
    • 2 Consultations
    • 1 Week of WhatsApp Support
    • Optional Add-on: $175 for Additional Visits & 1 Week of WhatsApp Support


My baby is young but I want to get into good habits now, can you help?

Yes. Getting the right age appropriate information can help you navigate through the first 3-4 months with confidence.

I’m not sure I want to sleep train and I don’t want to do cry it out, are there alternatives?

Definitely. Cry it out is one method that is used, but there are many others! The techniques we use will depend on what the family is happy doing and also the age and nature of the baby. Sleep training may also not be entirely necessary if ‘good’ habits are created.

How do I know if your methods will work for me?

Sleep consultants have different experience, training and backgrounds, so it’s crucial that you find one that suits your needs and that you feel comfortable working with. Our sleep consultant is more than happy to have a free chat to discuss your issues and expectations before engaging with her services.

We are in the middle of a sleep regression, is it worth getting help now?

Sleep regressions can be a very difficult and emotional time! Just when things are probably settling down, everyone is suddenly not sleeping again! Working on sleep during this time can help parents see a light at the end of the tunnel and also give them something to aim for. It can be difficult but getting the right support can make things much more manageable.

My baby is nearly a year old, is it too late to get good sleep habits?

It is never too late! Always contact us for a chat and we can discuss what can be done to help.

Annika Russell
Certified Postpartum Doula & Registered Nurse
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