Beloved Bumps and Baby Coffee Morning

Discussed at the Prenatal Appointment:

Labour and birth outcomes desired e.g. vaginal birth with minimal medical interventions
What is important to the couple
Prenatal education
Hospital and selected DR
Labour management techniques
Medical history, to help determine risk factors so that we can then provide additional information if needed
Other services that maybe beneficial e.g. acupuncture, chiropractics, yoga, etc.
Role of a birth doula
Preparing for labour and birth
How you would like to be supported

Births Our Doulas are Familiar with:

Natural birth in a hospital settling with no medical interventions
Water births in a hospital settling
Home births
Planned Caesarean sections
Emergency Caesarean sections
VBACS (vaginal birth after Caesarean section)
Low risk births
High risk births
Twin births

Doula Tools Used:

Peanut ball
Aromatherapy oils
TENS machine
LED candles
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Beloved Bumps and Baby Coffee Morning

Beloved Bumps and Baby Coffee Morning

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Beloved Bumps and Babies Coffee Morning

Find Your Tribe at our weekly coffee mornings!

Sometimes when you are a new mum, all you want to do is have somewhere to get to in the morning, where you can feed confidently, ask someone questions, check in with other new mums that your baby’s random feeding and waking times are normal, and have a cup of coffee. If that sounds like something you are up for, then come on down to Dolcetto and the Regent Hotel for our weekly coffee mornings. We can promise you excellent coffee, fabulous mums, and a midwife on hand to ask questions and weigh your baby. We cannot promise you will spend the morning talking about poo, vomit and sleep….but you cant have everything 🙂


This weekly meet up is also great for pregnant mums-to-be who want to come and see what life with a newborn baby is actually like, ask new mums questions about products, feeding, or general baby care, and you could even ask to practice a nappy change on an actual baby!


Our coffee mornings are free to attend, and you do not need to have attended our antenatal classes to come along. We have a great group of mums join us every week and we look forward to seeing you there! If you are new and don’t know anyone, look out for Tash and Jessie so we can help introduce you to other mums with similar age babies.

Day: Every Tuesday

Time: 10am-12pm

Location: We are now hosting this at our BBHQ (46 Kim Yam Road)

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