Early Pregnancy Consultation
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Prenatal Care

Early Pregnancy Consultation

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The perfect appointment for those who are just pregnant and want advice on what to do!

Have you just found out that you are pregnant? Not sure what to do now, what not to eat, which hospital to go to, which Doctor to choose?


In countries where pregnancy care is midwifery led, these questions are answered in your first appointment, but in Singapore, you have to choose your Doctor and they may not have the time to go through everything from screening tests available, to your diet in pregnancy.


Our Early Pregnancy Consultations are held by our midwives, and give you all the answers to questions you have, as well as giving you helpful advice on the next steps you need to take. We have recommendations for Doctors who are great with natural births, high risk pregnancies, female only – you name it! We can also discuss your diet in pregnancy, screening tests you will be offered, and other very important information.


If after your consultation you decide to book onto our prenatal/antenatal classes, you will receive a $50 discount voucher.


So, if you are just pregnant – Congratulations! Let us know if you need a helping hand 🙂

Once booking is made, our midwives will contact you to book in a suitable date and time

  • Early Pregnancy Consultation

  • $120
    • Recommendations for great Doctors
    • Information about pregnancy diet, exercise and screening tests
    •   Opportunity to ask a midwife any questions


I already have a Doctor who I booked with, but may want to change, is this still useful?

Absolutely – however if you are past 20 weeks pregnant, call us to discuss if there is a better option as you may not need the dietary advice etc.

Where does this consultation take place?

We can do this either in our office space, or we can meet at a more suitable location for yourself (your home, or a coffee shop near work)

Do I have to sign up for your antenatal classes if I do this?

No! We only want you to sign up for our classes if you think they are right for you – this consultation is just that, there is no obligation to use any of our other services.

Venue: Beloved Bumps HQ, 76 South Bridge Rd, 4th floor

Best Taxi Drop Off: Hotel Bencoolen Hong Kong Street

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