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Expat Dads Singapore

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Expat Dads Singapore

Whether you have already had a child, have just had a child, or are about to have one, this group is for you!

Since Beloved Bumps opened its doors in Singapore in 2017, we kept getting asked by Dads about what there was for them in terms of get togethers, or support. So we started to investigate, and actually, there isn’t really anything. Beloved Bumps has spent the past few months creating support groups for mums and mums-to-be, and is known for creating a network of incredible women. In August we started to include the Dads more by introducing ‘Date Night’ on the course, so that the Dads can get to know each other even better, and now……we’ve created a whole group JUST FOR DADS!


This is being run by Andrew, husband of Natasha, and will provide a safe space for men to talk about all the joys, struggles, highs and lows of becoming and being a father. There is a Facebook group as well as a Whatsapp group. Expat Dads Singapore will hold regular drinks, meetups, events, and retreats so that you can meet and hang out with other like minded men.


Becoming a father can be hard, and its just as important that we support them on this incredible, life changing journey, as well as the mums.

Expat Dads Singapore
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The goal of this group is to provide support for dads or dads to be who live in Singapore, to talk about the joys, struggles, and issues surrounding b...


I am not yet in Singapore but moving soon, can I join?

Absolutely – and even more important that you do, as we can connect you to other dads with similar age kids and living in the same area.

Can I suggest a meet up or event?

We are always keen to meet up, but it takes time to organise, so if you want to suggest a date and time and location in the group for the group to meet up then absolutely!

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