Unmedicated / Natural Childbirth Workshop
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Natural Childbirth Workshop

Unmedicated / Natural Childbirth Workshop

Australian Registered Midwife
Certified Doula
Practice with your Partner

Gain confidence knowing you and your partner can do this!

If it’s your first child, it’s normal to feel unsure about what to expect during childbirth or how you’re going to cope through the process. If your intention is to have an unmedicated / “natural” childbirth, then we believe it’s essential for both you and your birth partner to enter the birth process feeling confident and prepared – and aware of your own individual choices.


Our course does not replace our 4-week antenatal class, but is a brilliant supplement that draws on our midwifery expertise, doula and active birth practice, and mums’ real birth experiences in Singapore.


The Natural Birth Workshop was created specifically for women who are keen to have a normal physiological birth without pain medication. In our 3-hour workshop, we take you through a labour rehearsal in real time, giving you tools and techniques to manage surges, and practice them and your breathing. Our goal is not only that you and your partner walk away feeling confident, but that you have what you need to plan out a positive birth experience.

The workshop is held once a month in a small and intimate setting 🙂

  • Natural Birth Workshop

  • $150
    • 3hr Workshop
    • Australian Certified Midwife & Doula
    • Active Birth Positions
    • Comfort Measures
    • Acupressure & Massage
    • Conscious Breathing Techniques
    • Labour rehearsal
    • Reference Sheets & Resources


What is your cancellation policy in the case of COVID-19/Coronavirus?

IMPORTANT: Given that our clients are a vulnerable group (eg, pregnant women and children), Beloved Bumps reserves the right to go to virtual teaching and learning at any point. While Beloved Bumps will always adhere to Singapore law and recommendations during times of crises, we believe it’s important to err on the side of caution for the protection of our clients.


  • If you have contracted COVID-19 or have COVID-19-related symptoms (eg, fever, runny nose or cough), then please notify us immediately as unfortunately you will not be able to attend the group sessions in person.
    • VIRTUAL OPTION: If the above situation applies, then we will offer you a virtual class alternative.
    • REFUND: If you have contracted COVID-19 and would like to receive a refund instead because you CANNOT attend a virtual class, please let us know and we will process a refund, the amount of which depends on how many sessions you have missed. Please note that you will need to confirm this with a medical certificate. We will not provide a refund for those who are only showing symptoms and otherwise can attend a virtual class on the same day and time as their originally scheduled class.


  • If our instructors have contracted COVID-19 or have COVID-19-related symptoms (eg, fever, runny nose or cough), then we will work hard to provide a virtual option or another time when you can attend the class. If the class has to be canceled, then a full refund will be given


  • If you haven’t contracted the COVID-19 and don’t have COVID-19-related symptoms, and you are unwilling to attend virtually, then our usual cancellation policy applies (under ‘Cancellations and Refunds’).


For other situations, please see our full Terms & Conditions.

Who are classes for?

The Beloved Bumps Natural Workshop is for expectant mums and their birth companion. It is best to attend from around 30 weeks pregnant right up until the baby’s birth.

What should I wear?

Please wear something comfortable that you can move in. Since we do a lot of practicing in the workshop, we want to make sure you can participate in different positions, etc. comfortably.

How is your Natural Birth Workshop different from other classes like Hypnobirthing?

Let’s face it, most couples feel overwhelmed before their first child. So the thought of doing an additional 4 to 6 week course after the essential 4-week antenatal class can be overwhelming. 

One of the goals when creating our Natural Birth Workshop was drawing upon many different resources around a normal physiological birth, but also making sure the content was concise and to the point. That means we took the content we thought was most useful from our midwifery knowledge, doula and active birth practice, and married it with real unmedicated birth experiences in Singapore.

Why do you call it a “natural birth” workshop?

We know the term “natural birth” can be a loaded term and we only use it because it’s the term most what women search for if they want an unmedicated birth. In the future, we hope the terminology around birth evolves – we believe all births can be a positive experience and all that matters in the end is that mum and baby are happy and healthy.

I’m planning on having an epidural, is this course still right for me?

This course has been developed specifically for couples that would ideally like to birth without an epidural, however there are aspects of the course that you will likely find helpful e.g. Labour preparation and early labour dos and don’ts.

Venue: 237 Alexandra Road #04-10 S159929  |  Class Time: 2 – 5pm

You can attend from around 30 wks pregnant right up until the baby’s birth.

 Venue: Beloved Bumps HQ, 11 Keng Cheow Street, #02-02, 059608
Class TIme: 2-5pm

Best Taxi Drop Off: Riverside Piazza
Closest MRT: Clarke Quay

Upcoming Classes

  • Natural Birth Workshop - Jun 22nd (2-5pm) 3 spots left!
  • Natural Birth Workshop - Jul 27th (Sat 2-5pm)
  • Natural Birth Workshop - Aug 25th (Sun 10am-1pm)
  • Natural Birth Workshop - Oct 5th (Sat 10am-1pm)
  • Natural Birth Workshop - Oct 27th (Sun 10am-1pm)
  • Natural Birth Workshop - Dec 8th (Sun 2-5pm)
Natasha Cullen
UK Certified Midwife, Doula & Hypnobirthing Practitioner
Charlotte Dumaine
French Certified Midwife, Doula & Hypnobirthing Practitioner
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