Midwife Postnatal Home Visit

Lactation Session 1

Lactation Session 1
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Interactive Session: When to call for help / how to call for help
Interactive Session: When to call for help / how to call for help
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Postnatal Home Visit

Midwife Postnatal Home Visit

UK & AU Registered Midwife
Scheduled within 24hrs

Get the Help You Need at Home with Your Newborn

Once you arrive home, you may need help with a variety of things: breastfeeding, soothing your baby, reminder of basics taught in your Antenatal class or even advice about your perineal or C-section wound. Our UK trained midwife will come to your home for a Postnatal Visit at a convenient time to assist with a single thing or whatever you may need help with. Most often, our postnatal home visits center around breastfeeding concerns and problems. When done correctly, you should not experience any pain while breastfeeding. The earlier you get help, the higher your chances will be of continuing to breastfeed – so don’t hesitate to reach out now! We will get back to you ASAP.


Our midwife typically schedules a visit within 24 hours of inquiry. Please note that this is ONLY for 1 month and younger babies. Also, weekend visits, Public Holiday visits, and visits not within central Singapore will be charged at $210 an hour. These costs will be discussed with you on booking.


What our Certified Midwives can help with:

  • Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping/expressing
  • Newborn’s wieght
  • Day-to-day care (baths, umbilical cord, nappies, etc.)
  • Advice on emotional and physical recovery (C-sections, stitches, early signs of postpartum depressions, etc.)
  • Soothing your baby
  • Routines

Step 1: Talk to Tash @ 8809 8623 before you book! 

Step 2: Choose visit type

  • Weekday Visit

  • $200 ONLY in Central Singapore Region (Bukit Timah, Queenstown, Tanglin, Bukit Merah, Bishan, Toa Payoh, Novena, Kallang, Marine Parade, Geylang, Central Area, Sentosa)
    • 1 In-home Consultation
    • Certified Midwife
    • WhatsApp Support
  • Weekend, Public Holiday & Outside Central District

  • $225
    • 1 In-home Consultation
    • Certified Midwife
    • WhatsApp Support


How long is each visit for?

The visits vary in length according to how many questions you have. Normally they last around an hour, but we can stay with you as long as you need to answer your questions or can schedule another visit if necessary.

What happens if I pay for an hour, but the visit is for less?

If the visit lasts less than 30 mins, then the time left will be credited to you and you can use this on another day. Any visits lasting longer than 30 mins but less than an hour will be charged at the hourly rate.

How many visits will I need?

This is totally up to you! We have women who need a visit every day, and others who think they will require multiple visits but actually only need 2 or 3! We don’t want you to feel pressured so we leave it up to you to schedule the visits you need/want.

Do the home visits include breastfeeding help?

Our midwife can teach you how to correctly latch and position your baby, and can assist you with breastfeeding at home during the visits. If at any point she feels there may be a ‘complication’ such as a tongue tie, or that the feeding is not going as planned, she will refer you on to a Breastfeeding Specialist and/or Lactation Consultant.

Natasha Cullen
UK Certified Midwife, Doula & Hypnobirthing Practitioner
Avigaïl Riahi
French & UK Certified Midwife
Jessie Mills
Australian Trained & Certified Midwife

What type of visit do you need?

Our midwife will contact you ASAP after your booking and typically schedules a visit within 24 hours.

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