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Chosen by the Beloved Bumps Team
Products to help you during Labour and Birth

The Beloved Bumps Team have selected products that we think are helpful during your labour and birth.

Labour Massage Oil $20 – great for birth partners to use during labour to aid relaxation and surges. A subtle smell of a blend of essential oils makes this a wonderful aroma for your birthing room


Obi TENS machine Rental $60 – We have a few TENS machines for rent – this is for a 5 week rental period. All include new electrode packs for hygiene.


Positive Birth Affirmation Cards $20 – Designed by the Beloved Bumps Teams, these pocket sized cards contain positive affirmations for you to stick up around your house, carry with you, and use during your labour and birth.


Please note: these are sold through our MindBody site – if you have not registered with mindbody before, you will need to create an account. 


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