Return to Work Workshop
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Return To Work Workshop

Return to Work Workshop

Registered Midwife & Paediatric Doctors
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A workshop to help you prepare for returning back to your workplace after maternity leave

The return to work experience is both a life and career defining experience for women. For many, the process is unreasonably challenging or completely ignored.

Research from People Management shows that 90% of women were offered no support during the process, with 1/3 feeling so unsupported they’d considered resining. In the long term, the international labour office reports a motherhood pay gap which takes almost 7 years to recover.

“I came out of the course feeling more aware of the roots of my anxieties, more confident of what I want my new life as a now working mum to be, and more empowered to negotiate a working plan with my manager and colleagues that could benefit all. If nothing else, it was affirming and a treat to meet other working moms in a safe space to share our experiences and feeling supported that we can navigate through this yet another life transition together! – Farrah, Sept 2020”

In this one day workshop, we ask mums to take some time out for themselves, and join us for this workshop that covers:

– Tips to make the transition easier
– Managing working from home
– Negotiating with your employer
– Setting goals and targets
– Breastfeeding and working
– Keeping baby entertained
– And more..!

Together, Tash and Sasha have years of experience working in HR, employee experience and postnatal support, to prepare you for the next stage of motherhood.

“This course really helped me to think of answers to the questions that I should be asking myself before going back to work. However, in real life, no one tells us this until we already are back in the office. Preparation is key. With efforts like this, we will no longer seem unorganized or scrambled. Together we could change the social bias against women, esp working moms. I recommend this course and I hope you will also find it helpful – Shang, Sept 2020”

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  • Return To Work Workshop

  • $170
    • Delivered by professionals with years of experience in HR, employee experience and postnatal support
    • Network of Working Mothers
    • Support from Workshop Leaders and previous Course Mums
    • Lunch and Drinks with Workshop attendees
    • Resource sheets and Goodie Bags


When should I attend this course?

We recommend doing this course within a month or two of you returning to work.

Can I bring my baby?

You know that we absolutely adore your baby, and we would love to see them and have a cuddle! However we also want you to take some time for yourself and invest in yourself. We have pumping facilities, and a fridge. Think of this as a form of self care, and a great way for Dads to have some time bonding with your baby too (and realising how hard it can be to be home all day with the baby 😉 ).

I am still breastfeeding my baby, what do I do when I am at the course?

No problem at all – feed baby before you leave the house, and then bring your pump with you! We have the facilities and will make sure you have time to pump 🙂 The other alternative is to pump if you need to in the morning, or wait until lunch time and get Dad to bring baby in for a quick feed!

 Venue: Beloved Bumps HQ, 46 Kim Yam Road, #03-05
Clinic Time: Sunday at 9.30am-3.30pm

Best Taxi Drop Off: 46 Kim Yam Road
Closest MRT: Fort Canning
Shuttle: From Somerset MRT

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