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Beloved Bumps

Expat Dads Singapore has launched!

Hi! I’m Andrew, husband to Natasha who founded Beloved Bumps. Whilst she has been doing an incredible job creating a community for expat couples, we had numerous chats and discussions on how we can support Dad’s more. Becoming a Dad can be tough – I particularly found the first few weeks hard when our kids only really needed feeding (from Mum) and I had to go back to work, so wouldn’t see them much – but whilst Natasha had a great support network of mums from coffee mornings, classes and her antenatal group, I did wonder what was in place for Dad’s….the answer was not much!

So together we created ‘Expat Dads Singapore’, (but I will be running it!). This group is on Facebook but we will also have a Whatsapp group for closer contact for those who want it (see link below). The goal of this group is to provide support for dads or dads to be who live in Singapore, to talk about the joys, struggles, and issues surrounding becoming and being a father, and life with babies and children in general.

It is a mens-only group as dads face unique issues from mums, and so it is designed to be a safe space for dads to make connections with other dads, but also be able to express themselves openly and honestly.

Singapore is a small place, so we hope to be able meet up in person, and as a group we will be organising drinks nights, events, etc to keep the support going. In fact, to get the ball rolling we have one in the diary (see below).

We hope you will join our group and help spread the word by inviting any other Dad’s or Dad’s to be to do so too!

To join the Whatsapp group, please follow this link:

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