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Avigaïl Riahi

Avigaïl Riahi

French & UK Certified Midwife

Avigaïl moved to Singapore in 2019 with her husband and daughter and wants to share her knowledge and experience with couples through the exciting journey of having a baby! She is passionate about giving educational, physical and emotional support to help couples have a safe, empowering and memorable birth experience.

I’m a Midwife that wants couples to have a safe, empowering and memorable birth experience!

Avigaïl grew up in France where she trained and registered as a midwife. She then moved to England where she worked as a midwife for six years in busy London’s hospitals, mainly in the labour ward which soon became her place of predilection; having helped hundreds of women deliver safely.


Avigaïl has a special interest in research and has also worked as a clinical research midwife in London. This experience made her realise the importance of providing evidence-based information and care.


She thinks that having a baby is one of the most if not the most important experience in a lifetime and it can sometimes be a little daunting, especially without family around. she strongly believes that accessing appropriate information and guidance to help couples make informed choices is the secret to empower them in order to make their journey through pregnancy and birth a time that they will always cherish.

Diploma in midwifery with honours School of Midwifery

University of Nice, France

Registered midwife Clinic Santa Maria

Nice, France

Registered midwife (rotational) Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

London, UK

Registered midwife (Labour ward) University College London Hospital

London, UK

Clinical Research Midwife University College London Hospital

London, UK

Certified Birth Doula

Childbirth International

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