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Meet Our Photographer! Theresa Oleson

When we were rebranding, we needed to have our new headshots taken – you can imagine the excitement (uh hum) about having our photos taken given that we all have young kids, and generally walk around looking half alive and rocking the bed head look. So we asked the fantastic (and quite frankly, miracle worker) to see what she could do with 5 mums!


Theresa specializes in taking portraits – particularly in maternity, newborn babies, children and adults. She has 8 years worth of experience and has even gone on to win several awards the internationally recognized photographer associaionts such as The Guild Of Photographers and Then National Photographic Society. When you see her portfolio you can clearly see why.


Theresa is very warm, friendly, and makes you feel at ease – her studio is quite spectacular, and if you book into her shoots she even takes care of your wardrobe and makeup requirements by having someone do this for you! There are props, backdrops, and what we really loved is that she is so fluid in her style, so she tailors and creates the photos to exactly the style that YOU want.


We only had our headshots done, but were now considering having a baby just so we can make use of her other services.


If you are interested in having some photos taken to have keepsakes for life of such a precious time in your life, we highly recommend contacting Theresa on 9754 1759 so you can chat about what you want. And definitely check out her amazing work on

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