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Our Virtual Antenatal Classes are a hit…

COVID-19 has hit the world and Singapore has implemented Circuit Breaker – so what does that mean for our prenatal classes?! 

Nothing stops us here at Beloved Bumps – our team have spent countless hours moving everything from in person classes into a virtual format. We have managed to make our online virtual classes exciting, engaging, fun, interactive and the feedback we have had has been great!

Being virtual is the new normal – no one is able to attend anything in person whilst we wait for the virus to settle down, but it is still vital that you know when to go to hospital in labour, what a contraction is, what your options are for your birth, and how to care for your baby, so that you can make informed choices. 

There are benefits to being virtual too!! Being able to wake up 5 minutes before a class, have a cuddle on the sofa, talk about topics without the teachers hearing! And being in your own environment can be a really nice way to learn about your exciting journey ahead. You may be worried that you will switch off, which is why we think it is so important that all the classes are still live and NOT prerecorded – this means you can ask all your questions as and when they come up, and you can also access our games, quizzes etc too. 

Our virtual classroom has been designed to still keep you interacting with your classmates, dont worry! And whilst you may not meet in person during circuit breaker, we have put all the emphasis in making sure you all meet up post birth instead, with babies, and we promise that you will still be supported along the way.

So what are you waiting for – come and join our virtual prenatal classes and learn some evidence based, unbiased and interactive information on labour, birth and your baby!

Love the BB Team x

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