• As first time parents we learnt so much and definitely feel more prepared for what's to come, but what we enjoyed the most was how fun and interactive all of the sessions were. We're so pleased we signed up and met such a lovely group of completely like minded parents-to-be!

    November course 2017
  • A good course - subjects covered were topical and the facilitator was knowledgeable and honest. The timing for the sessions were also good in terms of duration and being after work in the evenings. We feel much more prepared and ready now!!

    November course 2017
  • My husband and I enjoyed the course which was informative with visual and practical learning which made it interesting for us. With the smaller group numbers it was intimate and we got to know each other as well. I have to thank Natasha for always being available on email n text for any questions, concerns and panicked moments. It gave me a sense of relief that someone’s there to help! I appreciated that the classes were also modified a little to help twin parents as well. We had a wonderful time and ready as we can be when the bubs arrive.

    November course 2017
  • Really well run course and we learnt a lot of useful information so are as prepared as we ever could be. Thank you Tash for such a great course.

    November course 2017
  • Fantastically run course, very engaging, informative & fun! Great additions including the prenatal exercise classes, breastfeeding class & also ladies lunch. Also very engaging & interactive for the Dads. Would highly recommend this course to others.

    November course 2017

Beloved Bumps provides pregnant women in Singapore with antenatal education, as well as prenatal and postnatal exercise classes

Founded in London in 2012, Beloved Bumps has opened in Singapore to provide women with a Antenatal/Prenatal course that is fun, and sociable, whilst providing you with all the key information that you need to prepare you for the exciting journey ahead. The prenatal course is taught in a relaxed environment, and emphasises and encourages you to build a tight-knit support network during the classes.

The course includes prenatal teaching to help you understand what happens during labour, birth, and what to do once your baby arrives, and is taught by an experienced UK trained and registered midwife. The course is unbiased, interactive and aims to provide you with all the information to enable you to make an informed choice. The breastfeeding session is led by experienced breastfeeding specialists, but we also cover bottle feeding in case breastfeeding isn’t the way you decide to go.

Beloved Bumps prenatal exercise prescription for expectant mothers can greatly reduce pain and discomfort while strengthening the body for delivery. Pre and postnatal exercise specialist, Anna Kwan, will work closely with you throughout your pregnancy and consult with a team of physiotherapists as needed, who are also available for referral.

To make the classes fun and sociable, we provide beer for the expectant dads, the girls get a delicious lunch, and we have a big reunion once everyone’s baby is born to meet them all!

It’s all included in the course price and what’s great is you do this all with the same group so you can really get to know each other.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Beloved Bumps Prenatal Course!

What makes us different?


How about some beers for the boys and lunch for the ladies?

Fitness Class

Strengthen your body for labour and then help it to repair with a pre and postnatal fitness class


Make friends for life and build a support network.


Classes taught by an experienced midwife based on up-to-date information.


We will teach you everything from water birth to caesarean, breastfeeding to bottle feeding – no judgement here, we just want both mum and baby to be happy! Enough with the mum guilt…

24/7 access

Get answers from team members through email or Whatsapp.