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educate Prenatal & Postnatal Support

Our Difference

We think women and men in Singapore deserve better prenatal and postnatal classes to help them for their exciting new journey. Founded in London in 2012, Beloved Bumps provides couples a variety of informative and fun courses to help you during pregnancy as well as after birth.

Motherhood is tough enough! We share the latest pre & postnatal info without any judgement on your birth plan or newborn care.

Different people need different things. That’s why we offer Antenatal class packages as well as a variety of postnatal courses.

Once you've had your baby, it's inevitable that you'll have questions! Get answers and support from our team directly via WhatsApp.

Every couple should walk away feeling like they have all the information they need. If you don't, we’ll work to make it right!

Pre & Postnatal Classes

Becoming a parent doesn't stop at labour and delivery! That's why Beloved Bumps offers a range of courses on top of their core Antenatal class. From exercise to classes for your caregiver or helper - we want you to feel confident.
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Our Midwives

Beloved Bumps has trained and experienced midwives from both the UK and Australia. Natasha Cullen, founder of Beloved Bumps, has a BSc in Midwifery and has worked in the top London hospitals, caring for women in both high and low risk pregnancies.

UK and Australia educated and trained

Experienced in supporting couples during pregnancy, labour and birth

Have been delivering babies since 2006

Experience in Singapore hospitals as Birth doulas

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Social Environment

We think pre and postnatal classes should not only be informative, but should have a strong emphasis on making friends. All of our classes have a big social component! For example, our antenatal class provides:

Ladies lunch

Beers for the guys

Postnatal reunion

WhatsApp group

Classes with other mums that have similar due dates

'Date Night'

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Exercise Classes

The best way to take care of yourself before and after birth, is by staying active. Our prenatal and postnatal group exercise classes help prevent pregnancy-related aches and pains as well as problems you may encounter after delivery, including:

Lower back pain

Upper back and neck pain

Pelvic pain

Pubic symphysis dysfunction

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Postnatal Diastasis Recti Management

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Lactation Support

Beloved Bumps partners with Lactation Consultants and breastfeeding specialists to help you on your breastfeeding journey. After you give birth, you can easily arrange a consultation if you need help with:

Establishing a good latch

Breastfeeding positions and technique

Nipple pain, engorgement and swelling

Sleepy babies, biting and spit up


about Our Partners

Pregnancy Specialists

We partner with a range of prenatal and postnatal specialists so you have a access to a team that specialise in the management of motherhood-related aches and pains.


Pilates and yoga instructors

Massage therapists

Psychologist and Nutritionist

Meditation instructor


Talk to Our Midwife

Have a question about our classes? Our midwife will get back to you in 48 hrs.

Next Antenatal Class

28 - 32 Weeks Pregnant?

If you're 6-7 months pregnant right now, it's time to sign up for our next Antenatal Class! If you're earlier or later in your pregnancy, please register for one of our other upcoming course so you're grouped with mums that have similar due dates. We do this so you can make a good support network once your baby's arrived!
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