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Our Team

We have a team of professional pre and postnatal staff and partners that love what they do. We're not only passionate because we love helping women, but because most of us are mums too!

Natasha Cullen

Founder and Antenatal Instructor

Natasha Cullen founded Beloved Bumps in 2012 after realising women were coming to hospital without being fully informed of all their options, or being prepared for situations that may arise. Today there are lots of Antenatal / Prenatal classes that are taught by antenatal teachers, doulas, etc. rather than midwives who have first hand experience in working with women in labour, delivering babies, and looking after both mother and child.


Natasha grew up in Singapore and went on to London to get her BSc in Midwifery. After gaining her BSc in Midwifery, she went on to work in top London hospitals, caring for women in both high and low risk pregnancies. Her aim is to give every women the full information about what could happen during labour, birth, and the early days at home, in a way that empowers them with that knowledge.

Bsc (Hons) Midwifery

University of Leeds

Labour Ward Midwife

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Birth Centre Midwife

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London

Certified Birth Doula

Childbirth International

Certified First Aid Trainer

American Safety & Health institute

Founder & Instructor

Beloved Bumps

IMC’s Team of Doctors

Pediatricians & General Practitioners

The International Medical Clinic Paediatric Department is dedicated to child and adolescent health. With internationally trained paediatric doctors, their patients get the same level of care and expertise that they would expect in their home country.


IMC has four internationally trained Paediatric Doctors:

Board Certified in Paediatrics from USA

  • Dr Bernadeta Wibisono
  • Dr Arti Jaiswal
  • Dr Shivani Paliwal

Specialist accreditation from the UK

  • Dr Gina Dahel

Over 89% of IMC’s patients report their overall experience at IMC to be ‘Excellent’ and 95% described their Doctor as ‘Excellent’. One of the reasons patients can trust their doctor’s advice is because IMC is NOT incentivised by drug companies. The dedication to quality of care and expertise that make them the leading provider to the international community of Singapore.

Caring for the international community in SG for over 20 years

Four internationally trained Paediatric Doctors

95% described their Doctor as 'Excellent'

Lucie Lamprey

Senior Physiotherapist, UFIT

Lucie started her career in physiotherapy working in London for 3 years. Since 2011 she has been living and working in Singapore in the management and rehabilitation of injuries with a keen interest in the pelvis, spine and lower limbs.


More recently Lucie developed a special interest in Women’s Health and Pelvic floor dysfunction. She has done numerous post-graduate professional development courses that focus on treating pre-and post-natal women for incontinence, rectus diastasis (abdominal separation/DRAM), pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain disorders such as dyspareunia (pain with sex). Her passion is to help women maintain a healthy, active pregnancy and return to sport. She works with a wide range of clients from those who are new to exercise, with pre-existing medical conditions, to recreational and competitive elite athletes.

B.Sc. (Hons) Physiotherapy

The University of Southampton

Masters Manual Therapy

University Western Australia

Clinical Exercise Specialist

The American College of Sports Medicine

Womens Health Physiotherapy

Womens Health Training Associates, (Australia)

Dr Kylie Foster

Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractor, Organic Family Chiropractic

Kylie Foster helps young, growing families regain their health through Chiropractic and is captivated by the changes her clients can see in short periods of time. Whether it’s helping a mother turn a baby that is breech, a child who suffers from constipation or a stressed out professional who needs help creating and maintaining a family, she thrives on being able to give them the tools that get them back to feeling alive again.


Organic Family Chiropractic offers education and inspiration in an environment where people feel safe to ask questions. With the belief that knowledge is power, Dr Kylie has spent more than a thousand hours of reading, listening and watching from leaders in the Pediatric area of Chiropractic and natural health. That is one of the many reasons Beloved Bumps partners with Dr Kylie and Organic Family Chiropractic.

Master's Degree, Chiropractic (Merit)

AECC University College

Chiropractor Hungerford Chiropractor Healthcare

Hungerford Chiropractor Healthcare

Principal Chiropractor

Chiropractor Solutions Group

CEO & Principal Chiropractor

Organic Family Chiropractor

Our Partners

UFIT Clinic is Singapore’s leading sports & functional rehabilitation clinic. As active athletes and competitive sports players themselves, UFIT Clinic’s award-winning team of highly qualified professionals are passionate to help you overcome every obstacle in your way of living a happy, healthy and pain-free life so that you can get back to the sports and activities you love.

International Medical Clinic (IMC) has been providing medical care to the international community of Singapore since 1999, and specializes in family, paediatric and travel medicine. With a team of doctors that are carefully selected from around the world, IMC provides a premium standard of care as well as a network that extends beyond their clinics.

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