Pre & Postnatal Exercise Classes at Train with Be.
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Pre & Postnatal Exercise

Pre & Postnatal Exercise Classes at Train with Be.

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Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Classes
Full-body, low-impact workout
Small group size classes

Exercise Specialists to Help You Before and After Pregnancy


Be. offers Personal Training and small group classes in Strength & Conditioning, Pre/Post Natal Exercise and Mat Pilates.

The team at Be. is dedicated to building a caring community with programmes that cater to all shapes, sizes and abilities. We want you to just come and Be. your best self, in a safe space, at your pace.

With small class sizes, every individual’s specific needs and abilities are catered for so you meet your fitness goals at your own pace with the care and attention you deserve.

Group Classes:

Be. Ready | Pre-Natal: Our pregnancy group classes are low-impact and designed to help maintain and improve your health and fitness safely throughout each stage of your pregnancy.

Be. Ready | Post-Natal: Our post-natal group classes are low-impact and help you safely return to exercise. We will focus on strengthening your whole body, specifically your deep core muscles and pelvic floor.

Be. Free: This full-body, low-impact workout is a great blend of cardio, strength and toning incorporating bodyweight exercises and selected equipment.

Be. Aligned | Pilates Mat: an open level, enjoyable workout that helps to build core strength and stability, improve posture and alignment, increase flexibility, balance, muscular endurance and tone, all whilst avoiding stress to the joints.

Be. Dynamic / Mighty / Swift: In each of our Strength & Conditioning classes, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of selecting a workout intensity based on your fitness level and how you’re feeling that day. Classes will have an endurance, power or cardio focus, targeting the full body, suitable for all levels. You select your intensity.

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