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Beloved Bumps

Early Pregnancy Evening

Just found out you are pregnant? Wondering what to do now? 

We have teamed up with the wonderful Dr Pamela Tan ( to host an evening just for you – come and join us to talk about your diet in pregnancy, can you exercise? What are the next steps, how to choose an Obstetrician/ Gynae, what the different screening tests are, how to cope in the first trimester, what to expect from your appointments, and more! 

The Singapore system can be confusing at times, so we are hoping to help you understand what your options are, where to give birth, and with who. 

Dr Pamela Tan is an obstretrics and gynaecology specialist practising at Thomson Medical Center in Singapore. Prior to leaving for private practice, she was a Consultant in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital. She obtained her undergraduate medical degree at the National University of Singapore in 2006, her post-graduate MRCOG in London at the Royal College of O&G in 2011 and has been specialist accredited with the Specialist Accreditation Board (Ministry of Health) since 2014. She is a fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

Natasha is an experienced midwife originally from London, and the founder of Beloved Bumps. She has been providing prenatal education and building the Beloved Bumps community since 2017 in Singapore. Beloved Bumps provides prenatal and postnatal services to couples in Singapore. Natasha is also a birth doula in Singapore.

Our first Early Pregnancy Evening will be on the 10th November at 6.30pm – please email us, or message us on 88098623 to book in. Spaces are limited and are $15 per couple.

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