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Beloved Bumps

Beloved Bumps Is Reborn……

You may have noticed recently that our logo has changed, and our colours have been updated….Beloved Bumps has had a makeover!

Since our opening in Singapore in November 2017, Beloved Bumps has continued to grow rapidly – we started off with teaching 1 group a month, to now filling out 2 and moving to 3 classes a month of wonderful pregnant couples. The support that we have, and the reviews and feedback that we have received is more than we could have ever dreamed of, so firstly a massive THANK YOU! to everyone who has taken a Beloved Bumps class in any form, your support means the world to us, and thank you for helping us to grow. Your belief in us only makes us want to continue to be better, which is why we are constantly evolving, changing, and adapting to provide services that you want and deserve!

You may have seen our post recently about the Beloved Bumps ethos – we really don’t mind what kind of birth you want, or have. What we really want you to be able to say is that you made informed choices, that you were supported, and that you were respected. We want you to have a really positive birth experience and aim to provide you with the guidance, support, information and kindness that you need to achieve that.

Our mission is to create the Beloved Bumps Family – they say ‘it takes a village’, and we are trying to create that village.

We want to provide the best antenatal (otherwise known as prenatal) education, support, and postnatal services to expat and global local couples in Singapore, and they should be informative, interactive, sociable, fun and unbiased. All of our team who teach prenatal and postnatal classes
have a nursing and/or midwifery qualification, and have first hand experience and knowledge from these areas. Our midwives area also both birth doula’s in Singapore, and so have supported many couples in Singapore hospitals and again have first hand experience with the processes and procedures that are involved.

Beloved Bumps core team ALL have young children – this means that it wasn’t that long ago they were (or are still!) going through the same things that you are, and we definitely haven’t forgotten! This means that not only do we have the latest evidence based information to provide you, but also recent first hand experience of being new mothers.

So.….our rebrand, why did we decide to do that?! Beloved Bumps wants to offer something truly unique in Singapore – something authentic and not just the same service or a version of someone else’s service – no other antenatal classes in Singapore provide the same social events during their course, or afterwards. So if you are pregnant, and looking for an antenatal class that not only provides you with excellent up to date information, taught by nurses, midwives and Doctors, but also introduces you to other couples due the same time as you – then BB is the place for you.

We hope to meet you soon!

The Beloved Bumps Team x

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