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Meet the Instructor: Natasha Cullen

The aim of our prenatal classes is to ensure you feel comfortable enough to ask our midwives ANY question. Both Natasha and Jessie (the midwives) have only recently had children, so they know and remember clearly what it was like in the first few days, weeks and months! We feel its helpful having experienced midwives but who have young children, as it means you can chat to them more as friends, rather than being taught in a teacher-student environment. Our classes are relaxed and informal and give you the opportunity to ask any question.

To help you to get to know our team better, we asked them all some questions about themselves and their childbirth experiences:

Name: Natasha Cullen
Role at BB: Midwife and Director
Star sign: Aries
What country are you from? My passport says I’m from the UK but I’m an expat brat 
How many children do you have? 2…3 including my husband 😂
What type of birth did you have with your children (ie. vaginal/ caesarean/ forceps) – I had to have an emergency caesarean with my 1st, and a premature elective caesarean with my second (typical midwife making things complicated…)
What is your most vivid memory of your birth? With my first I remember them showing him to me over the top of the screen in theatre and thinking how big he was (he was 4kg)! With my second it was pure relief that he started crying on his own at 33+6 weeks, and then how much he looked like his older brother.
What is one piece of advice you would give to new parents? Don’t care about what other people are doing or thinking, and NEVER judge another mother. Everyone is doing the best that they can, with the advice that they are given at the time
Your favourite thing about having children? Seeing the world through your childs eyes – I love seeing how amazed they are at such simple things, and how much pleasure they get out of it, and it reminds me to find that joy in the little things too

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