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The Royal birth…

So excited for The Duchess of Cambridge to have given birth to healthy -and heavy! – baby boy. Any guesses on the name?

I have seen a lot of social media posts where women are posting pictures of what they look like post birth – whilst I know it is all in jest and funny, I do feel for Kate. She doesn’t really have a choice…she has a make up and hair team ready to go as soon as she has given birth, then has to dress smart, and walk out to see hundreds of paparazzi and be seen across the world. Sounds like hell to me! So good on her for being able to (not) waddle out in heels a few hours after pushing a watermelon out.

Anyway….the point of this blog is that it has been said that Kate used hypnobirthing during her labour. So, if it is good enough for her, it must be good right?

What is hypnobirthing?

It is a technique that is practiced throughout your pregnancy – it is a mixture of breathing, visualisation and relaxation. It uses positive thoughts and positive language, and throughout your pregnancy you ‘rehearse’ your labour. You picture what you want it to look like, how you want to feel. You prepare yourself mentally, so that when it happens you are calm, relaxed, less stressed and less anxious. If you are stressed in labour, or scared, you release stress hormones that can stop or slow down your contractions. With hypnobirthing you go into labour feeling empowered and confident.

Hypnobirthing wont take your pain away, but it will change your perception on pain – you will be prepared and welcome the contractions.

As a midwife I have seen this used and it so different for every woman – one lady I remember so well was having her first baby, and was sat on a birthing stool. She was using hypnobirthing but I genuinely thought she just wasn’t in real labour yet which was why she was so calm. She was so in her zone. She told me in the calmest way possible that her baby was coming – again, I was a bit unsure as I was so used to seeing woman screaming, and grunting and pushing their babies at this point. She breathed. And breathed. And the head appeared!!! She literally laughed and breathed her baby out. It was one of the most incredible moments of my career, and I learnt very quickly that woman know their bodies, and to listen better to them.

So, if you are aiming for a drug free birth, why not have a look into hypnobirthing to help support you through it? And who knows, you may laugh your baby out too!

Over and out,



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