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When should I take a prenatal class?

Thinking about taking a prenatal class in Singapore? Want to be prepared for your upcoming childbirth?  We’ve covered the top questions you might have about antenatal / prenatal classes during your pregnancy.

Firstly – when should I take an antenatal/ prenatal class?

We often get asked, “When should I start antenatal classes?” We recommend that you take an Antenatal / Prenatal classes around 28 weeks, up until around 32 weeks into your pregnancy. Since prenatal courses tend to consist of at least 4 individual classes, this will ensure you have completed all of the prenatal program before hitting 37 weeks, which is when your baby becomes ‘term’ and could arrive at any minute!


Taking a course between 28 to 32 weeks into your pregnancy also gives you time to start connecting with other mums-to-be in your area. While you might not think this is an important part of attending an antenatal/ prenatal class, these connections help you form a valuable network during your early days, weeks and years as a new mum.

What if I take the one day childbirth antenatal/ prenatal class?


For the Beloved Bumps’ One Day Antenatal Class,  we recommend that you join between 32 weeks, up until around 36 weeks into your pregnancy. A one day intensive course is a great way to prepare if you don’t have the time to attend a longer course.



What is the difference between ‘antenatal’ and ‘prenatal’?

Nothing! Antenatal is more commonly used in the UK, whereas prenatal tends to be used more in the States and other countries. But they both mean the time before your baby is born (ie. Your pregnancy!). You may see A LOT of names or terms for antenatal / prenatal classes, such as:

  • antenatal birthing classes, antenatal education, antenatal group
  • childbirth preparation course
  • parentcraft courses
  • prenatal childbirth classes, prenatal learning, prenatal program


Are prenatal classes necessary?

We think so! At the very least, we advocate that all women spend some time learning about the amazing journey of childbirth and spend time creating a birth plan. Knowledge truly is power when it comes to giving birth – the importance of antenatal classes are most realized if there is any intervention in your labour and you and your partner need to make an informed decision.


In addition to feeling mentally prepared before giving birth, there are many other benefits of taking an in-person prenatal class with Beloved Bumps:

  • Building a social network / prenatal group
  • The ability to ask questions as you learn
  • Consultations with UK trained midwife
  • Ongoing support
  • Online resource centre
  • Social events before and after delivery


What do you learn in prenatal classes?

Prenatal classes typically provide information on how to know you are in labour, when to go to hospital, what options you have for pain relief, and how to care for you baby. You can see a full list of all the topics we cover in our prenatal class here


Apart from the information, prenatal classes should be sociable and introduce you to other couples who are going to have a baby around the same time as you – this helps hugely, as it means you have other mums to whatsapp at 4am when your baby has been cluster feeding every hour and you are exhausted!



Who teaches a prenatal class?

There are 3 main teachers of prenatal classes – midwives, doulas, and childbirth educators. Each will have different styles of teaching – the Beloved Bumps course is taught by a UK certified midwife. We think this is important, as our midwife has worked first hand at delivering babies, cared for pregnant women throughout all stages of pregnancy and worked with women postnatally to help with breastfeeding and newborn care.


Classes taught by doulas may have more ‘active birth’ techniques and breathing, and childbirth educators may be more opinionated towards a type of birth that they had. However, as long as you are being provided with information on all aspects of labour and birth, and the choices that you can make, then that is great!


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