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Choosing your obstetrician for your birth…

If you have just found out you are pregnant, and you are living in Singapore, you may be wondering what on earth to do next.

A lot of our clients during our early pregnancy consultations have chosen a Doctor already, because their friend, or a Facebook group, has recommended them – but did you know that your Doctor is a very important choice to make?

In Singapore, all care is obstetric-led, meaning there is no midwife-led care – your Doctor will be the one who sees you during your pregnancy, will be there during the birth, and will be the one you visit after baby is born. There are some Doctors in Singapore who are very pro-natural and others who are more medicalised. We will be posting a list of questions you can ask your Doctor in future posts.

So, you want a natural birth, or someone who is less medicalised – here are our top recommendations:

  1. Dr Pamela Tan – Thomson Medical Centre

We have worked with Dr Pamela at a few births now, and she is very reassuring, calm, and really tries for natural births wherever possible. She is based at TLC Gynaecology Practice in Thomson Medical Centre.

2. Dr E K Tan – Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Another our of favourites is Dr E K Tan – he is great at explaining everything and taking his time to do this, making it not feel like a conveyor belt of patients (as reported at other clinics). He is very personable, and also if you want a water birth he does these too 🙂

3. Dr Paul Tseng – Thomson Medical Centre

Very well known in Singapore, Dr Paul is another very pro-natural Doctor – you wont see any unnecessary inductions with him (ie. its your due date, lets induce!). Very friendly and calming, he is another excellent choice.

There are definitely a few other Obstetricians in Singapore that we know and like, so if you aren’t sure which Doctor to choose to suit your birth plan, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we can walk you through them at our Early Pregnancy Consultations.


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